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Documents from the different countries

Albania Kilobyte
Gene bank of Balkan for conservation of Shorthorn Cattle Brachycerous type 38
The "Busha" bovine of mountaineous region of Korabi 1447
Current status of the Shorthorn Cattle in Albania Brachycerous type 292


Bosnia Herzegovina
BiH Ravic 1181
Busha in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - current state 82
Bulgaria Rodope shorthorn cattle 2760


Current status of the local brachycerous cattle breeds in Croatia 590
Shorthorn cattle and water buffalo at the Greek part of Prespa 1018
Managerial and morphological characteristics of Busha cattle breed in Kosovo 496
Busha – autochthonous breed of cattle in Montenegro 236


State of the shorthorn cattle breeds in Serbia 151
Serbian Transitional Agriculture Reform Project STAR PROJECT 2697


Conservation and utilization of shorthorn native cattle genetic ressources in Turkey 7200
A study on genetic relationship of native and exotic cattle breeds in Turkey by using microsatellite markers 772


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