Svrljig Kokos

Local names: Svirljska kokoš
Head is medium size, face is smooth, and there are feathers bellow eyes. Beak is medium size, black with expressed nostrils. Ear lobes are red, small size and of oval shape. Neck is thin, long with slight slope towards beak. Breasts stick out. Back is medium long, with distinct saddle. Tail is high and in shape of fan. Wings are close to the body, strong and with enough feathers and enabling bird to fly. Drumsticks are well formed and covered with feathers. Comb type: simple
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Country Serbia, RS
Species Chicken
Acceptance officially recognised
Area of distribution Svrljig, Čačak
Population size 500 (estimation) trend: decreasing
Risk status endangered
Colour skin: white-pink
Coat black with greenish reflection of feathers
Weight males: 2 kg; hens: 1.5 kg
Use eggs, meat, hobby, scientific purposes
Productivity average annual laying100-120 eggs
Source of information DVM Sergej Ivanov; Dr. Srdjan Stojanovic, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Belgrade

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