Under the UN-FAO Funding Strategy for the Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources the project "BushaLive" has been accepted. Together with partners from the universities of Sarajevo and Munich, SAVE runs this project for the "determination of different types and strains of Busha Cattle in the Balkans through collection of existing information from projects and meetings e.g. of ERFP and SAVE, phenotypical characterization of different types and strains and molecular genetic analysis including the estimation of the purity of distinct subpopulations".

A comprehensive overview in the field for the collection of Information about the situation, production, conservation and market possibilities of Busha cattle will be done as well as discussion and determination of best practice methods. The development of a crossborder in-situ conservation and data management model shall ensure a sustainable conservation. This reflects the need for information exchange, technology transfer and capacity building within the Balkans.

Here after you may download the general aspects and results:

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BushaLive Project - Final Report 2015 2 MB
BushaLive Project - SAVE Foundation 1.4 MB
Conclusions of the workshop held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, April 18 - 19th 2013 129 kB

Detailed information on the BushaLive Workshop at Sarajevo 2013 see:



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