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Country Greece, GR
Location Kefalonia Island, Ainos Mountains
Species Horse
Synonyms Ainos Kefalonia
Management semi-feral
Population size Total 25, 7 mares, 18 stallions
Morphology Originally of Pindos type. Head: big head Height: 115-125 cm
History These animals owe their existence to the villagers´ old custom of keeping herds of horses free on the mountain in order to avoid the cost of feeding them and that they were abandoned in the wild during and after the Second World War. On Kefalonia island they are secured by feeding in winter time. 25 heads survived with only 7 mares! A small group of feral horses roaming free in Ainos mountain range. Adaptation to harsh local conditions created a divergent strain. Widely known despite lack of official recognition.
Need for Action further research
Remarks (feeding in winter)
Source of information WWF Greece, J. Menegatos, Lekkas, M. Konstantinidou


Ainos Horse

FP_196feral_Ainos Pony.jpg

J. Menegatos, Amalthia