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The intrusion of the indigenous cows Alberes into inhabited areas because they were hungry led to local tensions and a call to cull them in 2008. The cows caused injuries and damage but they were saved for their heritage value. Solutions to the problem are yet to be found.
Country Spain, E
Location Albères Mountains and eastern Pyrenees of France and Spain
Species Cattle
Synonyms Albera, Faginea, Massanesa,Massanaise
Management semi-feral
Population size 23 (est.)
Morphology black, blond or brown in coloration
History The Alberes breed was first described in 1957 by Lluís Mascort, which published the first PhD thesis on these cows. However, in 1868, the French Durand already mentioned the existence of an original breed located at the Albera Massif
Need for Action An action plan to solve the problems was proposed but not implemented. The cows need to be given enough space to roam so they have enough to eat and therefore stop causing damage.
Remarks Animals live throughout the year in extensive mountain pastures, feeding on existing vegetation. Animals have an unfriendly temperament and are not easy to handle, since contact with humans is much reduced. This happens once a year, during the esquellada, when all animals are brought together with the main purpose of separating and taking out calves for their fattening.
Source of information,reportsreport8a_18 Les vaches blessent deux touristes en Conflent et Cerdagne 25.07.2010. Les vaches des Albères, abattues au Nord, seront protégées au Sud 19.12.2009. Dans les Albères, abattage de vaches d´une espèce menacée 10.10.2008. . )


Alberes Cattle, Dr. Jesus Piedrafia

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