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In the prefecture Perpignan in some villages cattle attacks take place during the winter when cattle are searching for food.
Country France, F
Location Vallespir, the Albères Mountains and Eastern Pyrenees of France and Spain
Species Cattle
Synonyms Albera - Faginea - Massanesa - Massanaise
Management extensively managed
Morphology Colour: black, blond or brown
History The Alberes breed was first described in 1957 by Luís Mascort, who published the first PhD thesis on these cows. However, in 1868, the French Durand already mentioned the existence of an original breed located at the Albera Massif.,reportsreport8a_18 , ELBARN
Remarks cross-border with Spain Animals live throughout the year in extensive mountain pastures, feeding on existing vegetation. Animals have an unfriendly temperament and are not easy to handle, since contact with humans is seldom. This happens once a year, during the esquellada, when all animals are brought together with the main purpose of separating and taking out calves for fattening.
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Alberes Cattle:


Dr. Jesus Piedrafia,