Asturcon Pony

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Country Spain, E
Location N. Spain, Asturia
Species Horse
Synonyms Asturier, Asturcón
Management semi-feral
Population size 1750
Morphology Height 120-130 cm, black to dark brown and are only found as sable and fox, and a long, thick tail. The animals are agile, especially in an extremely rocky and steep terrain. They resemble a mountain pony and have a very slight build, but are much harder and stronger than they seem. The head is narrow and the eyes and nostrils are relatively large.
History The Sueve Association for the Conservation of the Asturcón (ACAS), with its headquarters in Borines, was founded by a score of farmers at the end of the 1970s with the aim of conserving the breed. The Asturian Association of Friends of Nature (ANA) rescued Asturcones so that they could reproduce, and the Ministry of Agriculture supported the efforts being made to conserve the purity of the breed with an order (19th March 1980) that declared the Asturcón an autochthonous breed of Asturias, of special promotion and protection. The Association of Asturcón Pony Breeders (ACPRA) was created in 1981 in order to breed thoroughbred Asturcones. In fact the history of Asturias is inconceivable without the contribution of this animal, fitting naturally into the craggy, irregular Cantabrian geography and relative of other Celtic ponies inhabiting other European coastal lands, from Iceland and the Shetland Isles to Portugal.
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