Cavallo del Bisbino

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Need for extra food in winter otherwsie they come down into villages to search for food
Country Switzerland, CH
Location Monte Generoso, Italy/Switzerland
Species Horse
Synonyms Haflinger, La Mula (leader is a Mule)
Management feral
Population size about 30 animals
Morphology The Haflinger is a small, sturdy chestnut colored horse descended from the Tyrolean ponies of Austria and northern Italy. It is also known as the Avelignese. Though they are quite small, standing between 13 to 15 hands high, these horses are not ponies; weight about 350 bis 450-500 kg
History The animals have been living feral since their owner died in 2001. Animal Welfare groups won a legal battle to let the animals live on Monte Bisbino oas a feral herd. Today an association looks for the animals. They are now in semi-ferl conditionswith feeding in winter and under vet. control in the Valle dŽIntelvi at the Monte Generoso (Italian side)
Contact Associazione cavalli del Bisbino
Corso Bello 8
6850 Mendrisio

Cavalli del Bisbino ONLUS
c/o Bcc di Lezzeno Ag.6 di Como
Via Caniggia 7/9
22100 Como
Remarks at the homepage of the assiciation there are advices for viositors how to meet the horses
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Bionda "Cavallo del Bisbino"

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