Burgette de Navarra

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Country Spain, E
Location Region Burguete, Navarra
Species Horse
Management semi-feral
Population size in danger of extinction
Morphology Chesnut/brown, some white markings but considered undesirable. Tongue and mucous membranes pink. Strong maternal instict means that it is often used as a crossbreed to improve conformation or for meat.
History It arises from the cross between the native equine populations (Jaca Navarra) with foreign breeds stallions such as Trait, the Postier Breton, Percheron, the ArdanÚs and Contois, introduced with the aim of greater conformity to the local population, obtained as animals result in more well-defined morphological features.
Source of information
Hyperlink http://www.itgganadero.com/itg/portal/seccion.asp?S=3&N=78&P=17


Burguete de Navarra :