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Lives in 134 hectares of parkland near the Scottish border. Ancient history maybe dates back to when Chillingham Park was enclosed (probably around 1225). Certainly were there in late 1600s. There is a long history of ownership by Earls of Tankerville. Park and cattle now belong to Chillingham Wild Cattle Association, sheep grazing tenancy acquired in 2005 & sheep removed.
Country United Kingdom, GB
Location Northumberland
Species Cattle
Synonyms Chillingham white cattle
Management feral
Population size T: 92, reserveherd 27 (Jan 2011), f:40 Reserveherd 16, m: 52 reserveherd 11
Morphology Colour: White, red ears, black tips, Coat: white, Height: 110 cm, Weight: f: 280 kg approx
History The Chillingham cattle are said to be the only survivors of the wild herds which once roamed freely through the forests of Great Britain. Today they live in a beautiful enclosed 365 acre parkland at Chillingham in Northumberland which has been their home since the 13th century.
Need for Action Last of their breed in the world, Maintaining the 135 ha Park where they have survived for 700 years - creating bank of frozen embryos
Contact Stephen Hall
Remarks Feral - totally wild, no management at all (never handled whist alive)
Source of information Chillingham wild Cattle Assoc. Ltd, Mrs Ann Widdows, Wardens Cottage, Chillingham, Alnwick, Northumberland NE66STNP, UK, Tel.: 01668215250, Professor Stephen J.G. Hall,


Chillingham Cattle:

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