Dülmener Wildpferd

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Country Germany, D
Location Dülmem
Species Horse
Management extensively managed
Morphology Colour: dun-coloured, wither height: 125-135 cm
History Already in 1316 John de Letta and Herman de Merfeld (joint owners of the hunting grounds) secured the legal right to hunting and fishing in this area and also the right to the wild horses (State Archives of Münster). Towards the beginning of the 19th Century in Westphalia the increasingly dense human settlement threatened the wild horses and led to the depletion of stocks. Evidence shows that until the early 19th Century there were 5 hunting grounds in Westphalia. The horses were often still regarded as fair game. With the end of the land reforms in 1850, the Duke of Croy caught the last remaining 20 wild horses and took them to the Merfelder Bruch the last remaining wilderness in Westphalia, which was in his possession. The stock numbers and the size of the grounds are now significantly larger: from the original 20 animals to approx. 300, and approx. 132 Morgen (measure c. ¼ -1/2 a hectare) to more than 200
Source of information http://www.pferde-pferderassen.de/pferderasse/6


Dülmener Wild Horse in the Meerfelder Bruch, Germany

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