Equino de Raēa Garrana

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Country Portugal, P
Location Northern Portugal mainly in the regions of Minho, Tras-os-Montes and Geres as well as in parts of the Spanish Galicia
Species Horse
Management feral
Morphology size: 1.23 meters to 1.35 meters. Solid and strong body structure and size Type: Flat profile, partly convex stocky body, short legs. .? Solid and strong body structure and size: 1.23 meters to 1.35 meters color: In general, brown, partly gray, mouth and belly lighter, mane and tail are black and abundant. Quiet and courageous character. Stallions lively
History Although its presence in Portuguese territory dates back to prehistory, the changes in the environment, namely those introduced by the rural populations that depended upon it for agriculture, determined a quantitative and qualitative involution of the breed to the point that it was classified as endangered
Contact www.acerg.net, Joćo Paulo Carneiro Ribeiro, acerg@mail.telepac.pt
Remarks A recuperation plan is today under way, being the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture (Servico Nacional Coudelico) and the breeders association (Associacao de Criadores de Equinos de Raca Garrana). The biometric study of the morphological type of adult Garranos included in the zootechnic register book estimates a morphological variability, basis for the continuity of the stud-book. The analysis of protein polymorphisms reveals an important genetic patrimony, contributing for the maintenance of the biodiversity in the region. The multifunction of the utilization is considered essential for the recuperation and conservation of the Garrana breed. http://ecl.cultland.org/?document_id=199
Source of information www.acerg.net, Joćo Paulo Carneiro Ribeiro, acerg@mail.telepac.pt
Hyperlink http://ecl.cultland.org/?document_id=199


Raca Garrana:

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