Feral goat

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Country Norway, N
Location Selje (an island at the western coast of Norway), also a few herds at the islands Skorpa and Sandsøy in the county Møre and Romsdal
Species Goat
Synonyms Kyst geit, Utegangar geit
Management feral
Population size est. 200
Morphology Horned, various colours, stocky (meat goat)
History It is supposed that the surviving feral goat is a rest from a larger population that was selected for meat-production, and minimally introgression from the traditional dairy goat. Blood samples are taken from the herd at Selje in a project to define a possible genetic distance from the Norwegian dairy goat.
Contact Norsk genressurssenter
Source of information http://www.nordgen.org/husdyrdb/visrase.php?id=61&langid=1


Feral goat, Norway


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