Gammelnorsk sau

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Country Norway, N
Location islands at the west coast from Bergen to Trondheim
Species Sheep
Synonyms villsau, steinaldersau, ursau, utegangarsau, Rangeing Sheep
Management semi-feral
Population size Male: 2000 Female 20000 Tendency +
Morphology Adult weight: 30-45 kilo. All rams are horned, while just a few of the ewes are horned. This is a short-tailed breed. Colour: Multicoloured, solid black, grey, brown, white and combinations of those. Wool: Short, pigmented and with fine fibre
History Feral sheep is espoused to be the origin of the Icelandic, Faroese and different Norwegian spæl breeds.
Contact Norsk villsaulag BA: E-mail:
Source of information Norsk villsaulag BA: E-mail:


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