Jaca Navarro

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low population numbers
Country Spain, E
Location Navarre
Species Horse
Synonyms Nafarroako zaldiko, Navarrese horse
Management semi-feral
Population size The total population of the Jaca Navarra has been variously estimated at 350 (in 1999),250 (in 2000), and 240 and decreasing (in 1997). In April 2011 the total population was reported to be 899, all of which were in Navarre.
History Historically used as a work horse
Need for Action promotion of use for riding and meat in order to increase interest and numbers
Source of information http://www.feagas.com/index.php/es/razas/especie-equina-caballar/jaca-navarra Instituto Técnico y de Gestión Ganadero, S.A. | Avda. Serapio Huici, 22 | 31.610 VILLAVA, Tfno.: 948 013050 | e-mail: admin@itgganadero.com , http://www.itgganadero.com/itg/portal/seccion.asp?S=3&N=79&P=17
Hyperlink http://www.feagas.com/index.php/es/razas/especie-equina-caballar/jaca-navarra


Jaca Navarra:

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