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The impact on the vegetation is unknown but the population density is very high with 7 donkeys/km2.
Country Cyprus, CY
Location Karpaz Peninsula
Species Ass
Synonyms Karpaz Eşeği
Management feral
Population size ca. 450, ratio 1 male:1.42 females, 1 foal: 2.95 females, 12% females pregnant
History Set feral in 1974 war, still feral in Karpaz Peninsular, due to political situation. Part of the area has been fenced to keep donkeys away from productive land. However, there are donkeys both inside and outside the fence. It is not sure if they are escaping or if some were fenced out.
Need for Action Exclosure to within the area the donkeys inhabit to see how much damange is really being done to local habitats. Constant monitoring of population numbers. Population control if ecological damage is proven.
Source of information Feral Donkey Equus asinus populations on the Karpaz peninsula, Cyprus, authors: Hamrick, Pirgalioglu, Gunduz, Carroll. Published: European Journal of Wildlife Research (2005) 51: 108-116


Karpaz Donkey

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Karpaz Donkey 2