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Country Poland, PL
Location forest of Bialowieza (also found near Maastricht, the Netherlands, in Latvia, Wicken Fen, Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve, Ham Fen National Nature Reserve, Whitehall Meadow, Sandwich Bay and Park Gate Down, Redgrave and Lopham Fen, UK and Emsauen, , Steveraue, Ilkerbruch, in Germany)
Species Horse
Management semi-feral
Population size Private breeders: 310 females, 90 males State studs: 120 females, 50 males
Morphology Height: 134 centimetres The breed is short in height, with a strong and stocky build, light head with a straight profile, the neck emerges low out of the chest. The Konik has a deep chest, a thick mane, the hair coat is blue dun though often colloquially called mouse-gray.
History The Polish Konik, experts say, is identical to the Eastern European wildhorse, or at least has a close relationship, The Konik was hunted for centuries as a wild animal and could multiply after the adoption of the Lithuanian Statute in 1588, which provides for the protection of of almost undisturbed Konik in semi-wild herds. At the beginning of the 20th Century there was even larger crossbred feral herd as well as a thoroughbred stock in the zoo Zamo??. The animals were scattered from Zamosc after the closure of the zoo. By establishing a game reserve in the forest of Bialowieza in 1936 as well as consistent selection and breeding could the breed could be returned to their original state. After the 2nd World War the animals were moved to the reserve Popielno, where the conservation was continued successfully.
Remarks some totally feral
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Konik horse: