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low population numbers
Country Spain, E
Location Northern Spain
Species Horse
Synonyms El Caballo Losino
Management extensively managed
Population size 1455
Morphology Head relatively long, very noble, the profile straight or slightly concave, broad forehead, delicate ears and short, Courage, lively and very expressive eyes, strong and well muscled, between 125 and 135 cm, black, docile, honest, friendly, and intelligent, willing to work, lively, active temperament, and a rapid response
History One of the oldest horse breeds in the world. Horse of the Tarpantyps that may be associated with the Celtic tribes in 11-12. Century BC in the north of the Iberian Peninsula.. The Losino horse survived the centuries in the mountainous regions north of Burgos and in the field of Vasco. Over many centuries the Losino carts pulled through the mountain roads and trails, in the mines and quarries, mills, and was used as a riding horse for travellers, herdsmen and farmers. For many decades, the Losino mares were used especially for the production of mules famous for their endurance and frugality .The general motorization and mechanization made the breed was superfluous and, unfortunately, there are now hardly any pure-bred specimens available. A herd was then collected in 1986 by some lovers of the breed in the mountains of northern Burgos in order to preserve the pure-breed Losino from extinction. With the help of a breeding program, efforts were made to protect the breed from too much inbreeding and also increase the numbers again. Stallion Selected for breeding s are replaced every four years to prevent them mating with their own daughters. This exchange is necessary due to the smallness of the population .
Source of information http://www.caballolosino.com/, Die Losinos - eine der ältesten Pferderassen: In Nordspanien leben die Nachkommen prähistorischer Pferde | Suite101.de http://www.suite101.de/content/die-losinos-eine-der-aeltesten-pferderassen-a68093#ixzz1Og6mcX00
Hyperlink http://www.caballolosino.com/