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Country Spain, E
Location Donana Nat. Park, S. Huelva, Spain
Species Cattle
Synonyms Agrupación bovina mostrenca, Raza Mostrenca, Raza Doñana,Doñana, Palurda, Marisma, Marismeña
Management semi-feral
Morphology Wither height (avg, cm) 145 135 Weight (avg, kg) 700 450, red, black or pied
History composite of Negra de las Campinas and Fighting Bull,
Remarks Officially recognized as an autochthonous Spanish breed for special protection in the Spanish catalogue of livestock breeds. Presently, farmers, technicians and scientists have coordinated actions for the characterization, conservation and promotion of the breed and its products. This work is carried out by the University of Córdoba, the Biological Station of Doñana (CSIC), the Breeders Association and the Provincial Government of Cordoba. Genetic characterization of the breed is under development, at the same time a germplasm bank has been initiated. The sires to be included in the bank are under evaluation. Also the morphological characterization has started for the in situ animals. In the near future the productive characterization will start at the testing station and in situ, with a view to obtain a quality label for its products.
Source of information Editor Instituto de Zootecnia Facultad de Veterinaria.Servicio de Publicaciones. Universidad de Córdoba. Campus de Rabanales. 14014 Córdoba, España. Fecha de Publicación 2005-09 Tipo Artículo original Formato PDF Fuente Archivos de Zootecnia 0004-0592 2005 Vol. 54 Núm. 206 pp: 185-190 Idioma Español,Inglés Cobertura Doñana (Andalucía, España) Derechos autores Información OAI ID Última Modificación 2008-08-01