Prespa Cattle

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Colour: blond, darkblond, reddish blond, all cours of brown and also black; Coat: darker along the spine; Head: big, horns smal and short; weight: 180-200kg height 100-115 cm
Country Greece, GR
Location Prespa
Species Cattle
Management extensively managed
Population size Total 20, estimation
Morphology Brachyceros type
History Papadopoulos in 1946 among mainland short horns makes several references to short horns of western Macedonia. A sub-type of Brachyceros found in Prespa Lake may in fact comprise a fully indepedent variety. Investigations of the population are under way.
Source of information V. Lekkas;Y. Kazoglou; H. Grunenfelder


Prespa Cattle Greece

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