Sasi Ardi

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Country Spain, E
Location Basque Country, Oiartzun to Leizaran and from Hernani to Goizueta between Gipuzkoa and Nafarroa
Species Sheep
Management extensively managed
Morphology They have a hairless neck, without wool and have long legs. They are not milked because all the milk is for the lambs. Lambing takes place at the end of January. They have a good maternal capacity. They have a triangular head which is stiff and have small ears, they have a straight profile, popping eyes, open chest without tufts of wool, fine legs, with or without horns.
History The Sasi ardi name originated from the Basque language where it means, sasi = bramble or thicket and ardi = sheep due to the fact that the sheep are mostly located in this type of vegetation.
Remarks At the beginning of April the sheep are moved to the mountains where they are kept in an extensive state and remain there until the end of November when they are gathered for lambing.
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Sasi Ardi:


Jose Maria Plazaola Erostarbe,