Agrinion Cattle

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This particular breed receives very little attention from its owners. A large danger of cross-breeding and subsequent disappearance of the breed exists.
Country Greece, GR
Location Etoloakarnania area, Western Greece
Species Cattle
Synonyms Agrinion cattle dark type, Brachyceros
Management semi-feral
Population size Total 850, estimation
Morphology Rejected as intermediates between Katerini and Greek Shorthorn cattle. The Agrinion cattle are however clearly of a primitive balkan type origin - differs in size, horn shape and colour to both Katerini and Greek Shorthorn. This size is intermediate between Katerini and Greek Shorthorn. Horns are different in shape of being more upright, growing closer together at the base, and with a tendency to curl in at the tips. Agrinion type is overall much darker with lighter silver-gray saddles although some silver and black subjects exist. The animals are distributed around the region of Messolongi Lagoon Wetland rich in grazing land. There is also a second population near Lepenou area and a third one near Xiromero area. Its risk status is critical
Need for Action conservation program
Remarks some periodic management e.g. removal of some males, health checks
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Greek Shorthorn ( Vrahikeros)

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Nikos Kostaras, Amalthia