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Country United Kingdom, GB
Location Scotland, St Kilda Archipelago (orig.), island of Hirta, Holy Isle
Species Sheep
Management feral
Morphology solid black or brown, or more often blonde or dark brown with buffish-white underbelly and rump (known as lachdann in Scottish Gaelic, which is cognate to the Manx loaghtan), a few have white markings on the face.
History Soay sheep in many ways are similar to the Mediterranean mouflon and the horned Urial sheep of Central Asia but their origins are uncertain. It is unknown whether they were established upon the island some time during the Bronze Age or perhaps by Vikings in the ninth and tenth centuries. The name of the island, Soay, is a corruption of Old Norse, meaning Island of Sheep. This suggests they may have been introduced before the 10th Century.
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Soay Sheep:

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