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This goat are on the island of Tavolara (N-Sardinia. This breed is originated from Capra aegagrus (Erxleben, 1777).
Some exemplary of this race are raised near the ConSDABI in Benevento, Italy
Morphological characteristics
Height at the withers:
- Male: 65 cm; - Female: 55 cm
Weight:- Male: 60 kg; - Female: 40 kg
Uni coloured brown.
Country Italy, I
Location Isleand of Tavolara, N of Sardinia
Species Goat
Synonyms Capra di Tavolara
Management feral
Need for Action investigations
Contact ConsDabi; RARE Italy
Source of information ConsDabi, Italy


Tavolara Goat

FP_296feral_Capra di Tavolara.jpg


FP_296feral_Capra di tavolara1.jpg