Asino Asinara

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The Sardinian breeds, Asinara and Sardo Grigio, shared some distinctive genetic traits that separated them from the remaining Italian donkeys. Asinara and Sardo Grigio, in fact, were assigned to the same cluster by both the Neighbor-net and the Bayesian assignment
Country Italy, I
Location Asinara island; Sardinia, Tuscany and Emilia
Species Ass
Synonyms Asino dell’Asinara
Management feral
Population size Total: 150 white variety
Morphology it is small and the size is similar to the Sardinian donkey; the most important difference is the white coat, that probably belongs to a form of incomplete albinism.
Height (cm) 80-105
Thoracic circumference (cm) 100
Foreleg circumference (cm) 11-13
History Origins: - Uncertain but oral records report the presence of white donkeys on the island since the end of XIX century. - the appearance of the white coat in more recent times is probably due to a random mutation that spread to all the population.
Contact Daniele Bigi, RARE
Source of information Daniele Bigi, R.A.R.E. association


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