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A typical example for semi-feral or feral conditions of keeping breeds on islands in Greece: Since Greece has so many inhabited islands, a farmer may move his herd on an island that is close to his residence. Islands provide a perfect barrier and animals can roam free without the worry of escaping or damaging foreign property. The farmerís only obligation is to provide water and maybe small amounts of supplementary feed in hard times. For herds that turn wild (usually in cases where natural water exists on the island and the animals are not dependent on the farmer) caching proves difficult and is usually done by shooting, setting traps or with the aid of dogs and long crooks, as seen here on the island of Samothrace. In other cases animals are caught when gathering to drink water.
Country Greece, GR
Location Samothraki island, Northern Aegean Sea
Species Goat
Management semi-feral
Population size 4000
Morphology small brown goat
Need for Action observation, Monitoring
Contact Amaltheia;
Source of information Nikos Kostaras, Amaltheia



Samothraki goat