Grey Asinara Donkey

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The Sardinian breeds, Asinara and Sardo Grigio, shared some distinctive genetic traits that separated them from the remaining Italian donkeys. Asinara and Sardo Grigio, in fact, were assigned to the same cluster by both the Neighbor-net and the Bayesian assignment.
Country Italy, I
Species Ass
Synonyms Asino dell’Asinara, grigio
Management feral
History The grey donkey of Asinara has not been characterized till now. They live in the northern part of the Island and compared with white ones (that live in the southern part) are more undomesticated and difficult to go near. The northern part of the Island is rocky and steep while the southern part is more accessible. Till 1998, when the penal colony was shut down, the two groups of donkeys were strictly separated.
Contact Daniele Bigi, association RARE
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