Liebenthaler Perd

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In 1960, the Bavarian farmer and ethologist Jürgen Zutz wanted to resurrect the European Tarpan to life, although this is not possible. He bought foals of the Norwegian breed, which he believed they were closely related to the Tarpan, and a mare from the back breeding program of the Munich zoo. In the back breeding program Dülmener, Konik and Przewalski´s horses had been used
Country Germany, D
Location Brandenburg, Liebenthal
Species Horse
Synonyms Liebenthal Horse
Management feral
Population size about 100
Morphology size: 130-145 cm; compact with eelstripe, big head, strong legs, dark head, eyes, mouth and legs, pointed ears, threeline and bicoloured mane
History emerged from the attempt to breed back of tarpans: • Intersection of Norwegians and Polish Konik
Need for Action conservation measures are running
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