New Forest pony

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All of the ponies found in the forest are wild in the sense they can roam freely but in fact they are owned by New Forest Commoners. A commoner is defined as someone who owns or occupies land to which rights of common are assigned. The rights are attached to the holding rather than to its owner. There are six common rights in the forest, with the Common of Pasture being the most important one. The right is free but the practising commoner has to pay an annual marking fee in respect of each animal to pay towards the cost of employing the agisters. Commoners are also required to brand depastured animals, the individual owners´ marks being registered with the Verderers.
Country United Kingdom, GB
Location New Forest, England
Species Horse
Synonyms New Forest pony
Management feral
Population size about 3000
Morphology The upper height limit is 148 cms; New Forest ponies may be any colour except piebald, skewbald, spotted or blue eyed cream.
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